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Ann Goodwin

Ann Goodwin is the author of How to Dazzle at Information Technology. Originally from the West Midlands, she now lives in Wales.

Ann May

Ann's home is in Essex where she runs lunchtime and after-school clubs as well as teaching French on the curriculum in three local primary schools. Ann is aware that teaching languages can be difficult for non-specialists and wants to make life easier for teachers that are interested in languages. She was inspired to write the 'Marvin the kitten' stories by her naughty cat Velma!

Apart from her interest in cats, Ann enjoys reading, as well as physical activities such as yoga, cycling, walking and going to the gym.

Ann Baker

Ann is passionate about maths and pedagogy. Her mission is to engage students in worthwhile and realistic mathematics as well as to raise the intellectual quality of maths lessons. She believes it is vital that students have strategies for mental computation and develop the disposition to work through problem solving situations and investigations. Her frequent work in classrooms ensures that all of the maths strategies and activities she presents are tried and tested.

Ann and Johnny Baker live in the Gold Coast Hinterland with their two sons and a small menagerie of pets and delight in the local flora and fauna that share their home and garden.

Anne Usai

Anne Usai is one of the authors of Science for 5-7 Year Olds.

The team of authors included science specialists, primary school and special needs teachers. They worked together to produce material that is clearly written, scientifically accurate and which primary school pupils will enjoy.

Sadly Anne Usai died a few years ago.

Anny King

Anny is the co-writer of the lyrics for Brilliant Songs to Teach French Grammar.

Ashley McCabe Mowat

Ashley McCabe Mowat is a Gifted Educator and Consultant.

Ashley grew up in the southern states of America and was a student in the gifted programme from the age of 8. She received a BA in Early Childhood Education, a BA in Elementary Education and studied Psychology at Converse Women's College in South Carolina. Following university, Ashley continued her education at Converse, receiving a masters degree in Gifted Education. During this time, Ashley taught in an inner city school and completed a thesis on Underachieving Gifted Males. She also planned and implemented a curriculum for the top 100 gifted students in her area for the Athena Institute, a summer programme for gifted students.

Ashley moved to England, married, and now teaches at a school in Buckinghamshire. She has provided INSET training days for teaches in schools involved with the Excellence in Cities programme and works with the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) on their website.

Ashley is available for INSET training days, and workshops for children.

Barbara Melling

Barbara Melling is an art therapist and believes strongly that creative self expression is fundamentally important to our well being and should be encouraged, enjoyed and valued from babyhood through to old age.

Barbara lives with her family in beautiful rural Lincolnshire. With funding from the Arts Council England she has converted an old blacksmith’s forge into a studio where she holds creative workshops accommodating all levels of artistic abilities and professional interests. Workshops range from inspirational groups open to all, to more specialised groups for teachers and child workers.

For more information about Barbara's work, visit her website.

Barbara Scanes

Barbara Scanes has 12 years of experience teaching French to 4–13 year olds, and prior to this was a secondary French teacher.

She gained a huge insight into what children enjoy when learning a foreign language and has put this knowledge and expertise into play in writing ʻLuc et Sophieʼ.

Beatriz Rubio

Beatriz Rubio is a native Spanish teacher, currently living in Cardiff.

Belén de Vicente Fisher

Belén de Vicente Fisher is Spanish. She is currently studying at the University of Warwick in the UK. She has translated and acted as a consultant on many books for Brilliant Publications.

Beryl Webber

Beryl Webber is author of many of the How to a Brilliant at maths titles.

Bill Traynor

Bill Traynor is co-owner of Tralco-Lingo Fun, a Canadian company publishing second-language materials that support textbooks. Most Tralco materials are French; however, Spanish, ESL, and Italian are also available. The product line includes reproducible activity books, videos, games, incentives, software, readers and online books. They hope these materials help teachers motivate second-language students to understand, communicate and appreciate each other's cultures.

Bob Sykes

Bob Sykes is author of Improving Numeracy through Spreadsheets.

Brenda Williams

Brenda Williams is a contributor to many well-known children's poetry anthologies, and writes poems, action rhymes, short stories, and articles for early years magazines and books. She recently completed an A.B.C. frieze, with activities to support The National Literacy Hour Reception / Foundation stage for Practical Pre-school and she is the author of several teacher's resource books.

Brenda is a former teacher and early years specialist. She is married with five grandchildren.

Brian Gallagher

Brian Gallagher is one of the authors of the Project Science series. Titles include Science for 5-7 Year Olds, Materials and their Properties, Physical Processes and Life Processes and Living Things.

The team of authors included science specialists, primary school and special needs teachers. They worked together to produce material that is clearly written, scientifically accurate and which primary school pupils will enjoy.