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Brian Moses

Brian Moses is one of Britain's best-loved children's poets and has published over 160 books and performed in over 2000 schools across the UK and Europe.

In 2002, Brian set up the Able Writers Scheme to enable professional writers to work with groups of talented pupils drawn from clusters of schools, to challenge them and develop their writing skills.

Brian Smith

Brian Smith is one of the authors of the Project Science series. Titles include Science for 5-7 Year Olds, Materials and their Properties, Physical Processes and Life Processes and Living Things.

The team of authors included science specialists, primary school and special needs teachers. They worked together to produce material that is clearly written, scientifically accurate and which primary school pupils will enjoy.

Caroline Quin

Caroline Quin is an early years specialist. She has contributed many books to our Activities for 3-5 Year Olds series.

Cath Bruzzone

Cath Bruzone is a publisher and the owner of b small publishing, which she started in 1990. After teaching French and Italian at secondary schools, she spent 10 years at Pan Books, developing language learning and children's activity books, including the Breakthrough series of home study language courses (now published by Macmillan) and the Learn Together series of home study workbooks for parents and children.

Though she spends a lot of her time helping other people to learn languages, she loves to learn new languages herself. Her two children, Lucy and Annie, are bilingual in English and Italian and she has dabbled with Turkish and Arabic, passed a GCSE in Spanish, got to grips with Mandarin Chinese to visit Lucy when she was teaching in China in 2001 and is currently learning Welsh. It's all great fun but sometimes it's hard to find the time to practice!

She has written the Lucy Cat Series, available from Brilliant Publications, as well as other b small books: the Bilingual First Books, First Language with Supercat, Hide & Speak and More Hide & Speak, Language Fun and the Colour in Language books.

Catherine Barlow

Catherine Barlow is the author of J'aime Chanter! and J'aime Beaucoup Chanter en Français! Both books contain specially written songs to introduce vocabulary, set to tunes you already know. You can start singing straightaway without having to learn the music first.

Catherine Caldwell

Catherine Caldwell is the author of The Vision Within.

Catherine Yemm

Catherine Yemm is an experienced primary school teacher now living in Wales. She is author of the Maths Problem Solving books.

Charlotte Makhlouf

Charlotte has 15 years of experience in teaching.


Chris Allcock

Chris Allcock is a professional writer and games designer. As an experienced writer, he has collaborated with other creative individuals to create video game scripts, strategy guides, art books, comics, promotional materials and more. Having joined Mensa at the age of seven, co-authoring A Brilliant IQ has presented Chris an opportunity to offer the perspective of someone who overcame many of the same challenges, and reassure bright sparks everywhere that they have what it takes to thrive.

Christine Green

Christine Green is the author of 100+ Fun Ideas for Wet Playtimes and 100+ Fun Ideas for Playground Games.

Clare Beaton

I studied art at Hornsey School of Art and started my career as an in-house illustrator with BBC Children's Television. As I use big and bold pictures in my art, lots of young children, and older TV producers, liked my style and I still have some commissions for children's programmes. Now a freelance illustrator and author, I particularly enjoy craftwork and a lot of my books are craft activity books for children. For b small, I have written and illustrated all the books in the Seasonal Activity and Seasonal Fun series, the Five Idea series, the Free Time series, Let's Pretend, Felt Pictures and, more recently, the Pocket Money series, the Make & Colour series as well as the Make Your Own and Make Your Own Theatre series. I have also illustrated the Bilingual First Books, the Lucy Cat series and the First Language with Supercat series. A few years ago I started illustrating picture books by sewing the illustrations using a mixture of felt and other fabric, mostly recycled. These picture books are mainly published by Barefoot Books and I have recently done an advertising campaign for a US pharmaceutical company using the same technique which involved animation.I live in North London and have three children.

Colette Elliott

Colette Elliott is a native French speaker who has been teaching French to primary school children in Hertfordshire for the last 25 years.

She has always taught through play and song, using a vast range of materials. Colette has been making her own lotto games for years and has now decided to share her resources with others.

Colette Thomson

Colette Thomson is one of the core team at Footstep Productions.

They are a small energetic production company based in London's Soho. The company makes TV, audio and multiple media packages.Their core specialism is language-learning for young people but their award-winning track record has touched on geography, business, history, travel, current affairs and safety training for adults too. Their clients are broadcasters, publishers, universities and businesses. Their motto is 'Learning is Serious Fun'.

The photo shows the Spanish children who sang on the Vamos a Cantar CD.

Colin Hughes

Colin Hughes is the coauthor of several science books published by Brilliant Publications.

Danièle Bourdais

Danièle Bourdais, together with Sue Finnie, wrote 12 Petites Pièces à Jouer.

Danièle is French and has lived in the UK since 1982. She has been working as a writer, editor, proof-reader, native-speaker check and consultant since the mid-1980s. In addition to Brilliant Publications, she has also worked for the BBC, Oxford University Press, Frankin Watts and many other publishers.