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Gwen Brookes

Gwen Brookes has taught over a 40 year period. She trained as a primary French teacher in the early seventies, but on qualifying five years later found that Primary School French had been abandoned. She taught up to A level in secondary schools, returning to primary level when French was reintroduced. She wrote the first French Berthe book in 2006 and, nine French books later, has now produced two titles in Spanish. Recently retired from teaching, Gwen lives with her husband in Oxfordshire and enjoys swimming and painting.

Hannah Smart

Hannah Smart is an early years leader in High Wycombe. She is co-author of The Mighty Multiples Times Table Challenge and the Mighty Fun Activities for Practising the Times Tables.

Hannah Allum

Hannah Allum is an early years leader in High Wycombe. She is co-author of The Mighty Multiples Times Table Challenge and the Mighty Fun Activities for Practising the Times Tables.

Herjinder Uppal

Herjinder Uppal is an experienced early years and primary school teacher.

Irene Yates

Irene Yates has been writing books since she was five years old and her passion in life has always been passing on the writing bug to everyone else. So she became a teacher. During her career, she had periods as the Literacy specialist on a Gifted Children project, as a lecturer on NNEB courses and, on secondment to the BBC, as Educational Consultant and writer, always returning to her natural habitat, the primary school classroom.

Irene soon learned that writing about 'what she knew' (i.e. teaching and children) was the key to success. Eventually the writing took over from the teaching and now she writes full-time, running writing workshops and writing courses in her spare time, just to keep the teaching bug alive!

Jake Hunton

Jake Hunton is Head of Modern Foreign Languages at Heart of England School in Solihull and believes in combining passionate, engaging and fast-paced MFL teaching with a focus on the highest of achievement for all students.

Jane Flint

Jane Flint is a primary school teacher, whose experience teaching a predominantly Muslim class in Beeston, Leeds at the time of the 2005 London bombings was an inspiration for this book - Radicalisation and Terrorism: A Teacher's Handbook for Addressing Extremism.

Janet Machin

Janet Machin is coauthor of Assessing Science at KS2.

Janet Morris

Janet Morris is Principal of the Early Years Nursery School, one of the most successful private nursery schools in Manchester. With Linda Mort she has written over 20 books for the early years for Brilliant Publications and other publishers.

Janet O'Neill

Janet O'Neill is one of the co-authors of the Brilliant Support Activities science books. Titles include Understanding Materials, Understanding Physical Processes and Understanding Living Things.

Janet Lloyd

Janet Lloyd is a qualified Foreign Language teacher who has 30 years of language teaching experience and over 19 years of primary language teaching and learning experience with a proven track record of success.

Janet has worked for a local authority with specific primary languages responsibilities since 2002 and was employed as a Primary Languages Consultant for Warrington for 7 years where she developed programmes of support to underpin, encourage and enhance foreign language learning across KS1, KS2 and KS3.

Janet is also a Associate Lecturer on the PGCE Primary Modern Foreign Languages Team at Manchester University.

Janis A. Abbott

Janis is the author of our addictive new book - Deck Ahoy!

Contact Janis through the Deck Ahoy! facebook page with any questions you may wish to ask about the book! Janis would also love to hear of your experiences 'on deck' with your young mathematicians.

Jean Haigh

Jean Haigh is the author of many maths books for Brilliant Publications.

Jean Stanbury

Jean Stanbury is a special needs science teacher based in South Wales. She is author of How to Dazzle at Being a Scientist.

Jean Beaver

Jean Beaver has had wide experience teaching in France, England and Canada at the Primary, Intermediate and Secondary levels. Since her retirement she has worked as a writer, proof-reader, translator, and preparer of commentaries, questions and activities for videos in both English and French.