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Margaret Abraitis

Margaret Abraitis is one of the authors of the Project Science series. Titles include Science for 5-7 Year Olds, Materials and their Properties, Physical Processes and Life Processes and Living Things.

The team of authors included science specialists, primary school and special needs teachers. They worked together to produce material that is clearly written, scientifically accurate and which primary school pupils will enjoy.

Margaret Curran

Margaret Curran qualified from Dublin University in 1980 with a degree in remedial linguistics. Since then she has worked with children in a child guidance clinic, in a school for mentally handicapped children and in a school for the deaf. More recently, her work has been with adults as part of a neuro rehabilitation team, dealing mainly with stroke and head injury patients, and she now has her own small private practice.

In 1985 she emigrated to South Africa, and also worked for two years as a tutor and lecturer in acquired neurological disorders at the University of Cape Town.

Maria Rice-Jones

Maria Rice-Jones is a French language teacher, Maria knows that to achieve tangible results requires pupils to be motivated, confident and efficient learners. In her books Unforgettable French and Hexagonie, she shows you how to make this happen.

Unforgettable French uses memory tricks to teach and reinforce major points of French grammar from the basics up to GCSE levels, to learners of all ages. The memory tricks are based on sound and idea associations and will help to you to engage your memory and remember key grammatical points.

Hexagonie is a scheme for introducing French to primary and lower secondary pupils, based on Maria's method. Its systematic, but flexible format is suitable for both non-specialist and specialist teachers.

Maria Rice-Jones is a French national with a Masters Degree in Modern Languages from the Sorbonne University in Paris. Since 1990, she has taught French to students of primary level and above in Paris, Milan and London. Maria has been developing, trialing and testing her method for many years for use in her own classroom. It has now been formalized as a book at the encouragement of her pupils and colleagues.

Marjorie Frank

Marjorie is one of the authors of the Graphic Organisers series.

Martial Romanteau

Martial Romanteau began studying the guitar at the age of 10, and is now a music teacher, specializing in guitar. He likes various styles of music including jazz, classical, rock and pop, and currently owns 10 guitars.

Martial has a passion for other things apart from music, such as astronomy and chess. He also collects model cars and old French banknotes, and sometimes organizes exhibitions about them. He lives in La Mothe Achard, a small town near the sea in France, with his wife, Cathy, and daughter, Claire.

Martin Gwynedd

Martin Gwynedd is a school teacher living in Cardiff. He has translated and advised on several books for Brilliant Publications.

Matt Glover

"Many of the phonic aids I’ve come across in my teaching career, seem simply to list words featuring specific sounds. I prefer children to hear the sounds in context, so wrote some short funny poems featuring cute alliterative characters, specific to the phoneme of the day. We’d read them through together, identify the sounds in context, then wipe the board and make our phonic flower, recalling the words from the poem together with new ones, adding a petal each time, the bigger the better! Afterwards they could choose a fun worksheet to complete independently, a great tool for assessment. The children really enjoyed these mini phonic sessions, so decided to write poems for the other initial letter sounds, then digraphs and trigraphs. By showing phonics in context in these fun little poems, rather than simply decoding lists of words, we are encouraging an early love of reading, which is of course what teaching is all about!"

Matt Glover is a primary school teacher and children’s author with 14 years experience. He graduated at Bath, qualified in Oxford, and has since combined teaching with storytelling to promote creative writing in hundreds of schools throughout London and Kent. His phonic sessions have been graded Outstanding by Ofsted. He is currently teaching at a British International School in Panama.

Matt can be heard reading popular children’s books – including his debut picture book But It’s True! – on his storytelling website

Maureen Warner

From early childhood, a love of books and story writing were Maureen Warner’s main hobbies. She always had an interest in the social and emotional behaviour of children, and trained to be a Nursery Nurse, qualifying in 1977. Her rewarding career enabled her to work with children in Nursery Schools and Infant Schools, and finally at the Bristol Children's Hospital.

Maureen had many picture books and teachers' resource books published.

Sadly, Maureen has now passed away.

Mavis Brown

Mavis Brown is author of three books in the Foundation Blocks series: Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Creative Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Mavis de Mierre

Following 33 years of full-time music teaching, Mavis de Mierre took early retirement in 1983. However, she then went on to establish local music-experience groups for young children and their parents, being one of the first people to realize the potential importance of Music for the Early Years. She composed all her own material of original words and melodies, and also ran training courses, becoming a well-known consultant in early years music.

In partnership with an artist, many of Mavis's songs for children have featured in major exhibitions and on Greetings Cards. Her compositions for violin and piano and simple clarinet pieces have also been published. In addition, she arranged programmes for her local Quaker Meeting, and was a Practitioner of the Bach Flower Remedies.

Mavis sadly died on 20 June 2008 at the age of 79. She was a great inspiration for everyone at Brilliant Publications and will be sorely missed.

May Stevenson

May Stevenson.the author of Brilliant Activities for Reading Fiction and Brilliant Activities for Reading Non-fiction. was a primary school teacher in Scotland. Sadly, May passed away in 2015.

Meg Fabian

Meg Fabian trained at Hornsey College of Art, and feels like she has been a primary school teacher for over 600 years! She has recently retired from working in two schools in Devon, teaching most National Curriculum subjects, but specializing in art. She is held in very high regard in Devon for the excellence, fun, creativity and challenge of her teaching. The quality of her work has been recognized not only by OfSTED, but also by the numerous local and national awards for art which she has helped schools to win.

Meg loves walking on the beaches near her house on the north Devon coast. She rarely returns from her jaunts without having found something she can use in her teaching. Depending on whether you talk to Meg or her husband Larry, this makes their house either a treasure trove of resources or impossible to keep tidy! Meg has 4 children and a dilapidated car.

Michael Toner

Michael Toner was one of the authors of the Project Science series. Titles include Science for 5-7 Year Olds, Materials and their Properties, Physical Processes and Life Processes and Living Things.

Sadly, Michael has now passed away.

Michaela Greck-Ismair

Michaela Greck-Ismair is a German national, currently residing in the United Kingdom. She has translated and advised on several books for Brilliant Publications.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is an experienced primary school teacher with a keen interest in modern foreign languages.