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Monthly Archives: March 2021

  1. Easter eggs taste the same in any language

    Easter eggs taste the same in any language

    Chocolat, Schokolade, chocolate – whatever language you are teaching, Easter eggs are bound to get your pupils' interest!

    Challenge your pupils to design and play an Easter Egg Hunt game. Not only will it provide them with lots of opportunities for practising speaking, it will also help them to intercultural understanding.

    Designing a game is just one of the many activities in our Festivals and Traditions resources, which are available for KS2 French, Spanish and

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  2. When is Poisson d’avril, and what should we do about it?

    When is Poisson d’avril, and what should we do about it?

    Europe has festivals and traditions, lots of them. Many of these play a significant part in the lives of people across France, Germany and Spain.

    We’ve developed a series of books for KS2 pupils about the major festivals and traditions that can be used to develop discussions on cultural similarities and differences, and can be used as a basis for language teaching.

    But that’s only the start.  The books also include background information with key vocabulary and teaching activities for each event.  The activities range from making cards and writing poems, to playing games and cooking traditional recipes.

    We have found that focusing on festivals and traditions is an ideal way to get children interested, engaged and motivated about different cultures, as well as learning key vocabulary.

    Let’s take for instance Poisson d’avril.

    On this day in the UK we play practical jokes on each other, but only in t

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