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Monthly Archives: January 2022

  1. What's new at Brilliant Publications? (24 Jan 2022)

    What's new at Brilliant Publications? (24 Jan 2022)

    Here is what was happening in the office last week.

    Thank you for your reviews!
    We love reading customers' reviews. For example, this week someone posted the following wonderful review on Amazon for 21 Fun Songs to Teach French Phonics:

    "I have been using this fantastic book to teach children in KS2 French phonics. They absolutely love the songs and the worksheets which accompany each sound. It appeals to all learning styles and it is wonderful to hear the children spontaneously singing the songs. It works wonderfully for younger children too."

    I know you are busy people and writing reviews is probably very far down your 'to do' list. Therefore, I'd like to offer a little incentive. We will give everyone who posts a review (on our website, Amazon or another online bookshop) a 10% discount. Simply email me a screenshot of your review and I'll send you a discount code.

    How do you make French 'u

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  2. What's new at Brilliant Publications? (18 Jan 2022)

    What's new at Brilliant Publications? (18 Jan 2022)

    Here is what is happening in the office this week.

    3rd edition of Physical French Phonics has gone to the printers

    The latest new edition of Physical French Phonics, which will have a USB drive instead of a DVD-Rom, has now gone to the printers. As so many computers no longer have an internal CD drive, this seemed a sensible thing to do.

    The new edition also corrects a faulty link to one of the videos. In our earlier version, on Slide1 of File 5, the picture for the 'u' sound incorrectly links to the 'eu' video. Don't panic if you have already have a copy. You can download the revised version of File 5 by clicking here.

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