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  1. What's new at Brilliant Publications?

    Welcome to the first Brilliant Publications newsletter of 2022!
    We hope you had a good break
    We love to receive orders, but it always worries me when we receive too many orders over the Christmas break, as I know how important it is for teachers to have some rest and relaxation. Nevertheless it is always reassuring when orders start to pick up again at the beginning of January.
    I was very flattered to read on Twitter that one teacher was considering adding Kate Heap’s Developing Reading Comprehension Skills series to her Christmas list – I hope her wish came true!
    Here is what is happening in the office this week.
    French is Fun at Key Stage 1
    This week we are working on the final touches for French is Fun at Key Stage 1, ensu

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  2. Independent Publishing Awards: Winners

    Independent Publishing Awards: Winners

    We were recently announced as winners at the 2021 Independent Publishing Awards, in the category of Education Publisher of the Year. These awards are independently judged and we were up against some tough opposition. As you can imagine, we are delighted! Thank you to all our brilliant staff, authors, illustrators, freelancers, suppliers, customers and advocates for sharing our vision of creating easy-to-use resources that will inspire and motivate children. This award is yours as much as ours.

    The award judges had this to say: Brilliant Publications joins the Independent Publishing Awards shortlists for the first time this year. It responded quickly and constructively to the closure of schools, providing teachers and parents with digital resources, and the goodwill paid off in a sharp increase in direct sales over the year. “Brilliant has a very good understanding of what teachers need… it really stepped up to the plate in 2020.”

    Thank-you to everyon

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  3. Make an electric quiz board - free creative teaching resource

    Make an electric quiz board - free creative teaching resource

    We love quizzes, especially if they come with bells and whistles.

    Click here to download a worksheet showing how to make an electric circuit quiz board with a light that comes on when the right answer is chosen. The question lists are interchangeable so everyone can set tests on their favourite subjects for others to enjoy solving.

    This activity is drawn from How to be Brilliant at Electricity, Light and Sound, a book of practical activities that will help children to acquire knowledge and understanding of electrical circuits, the everyday effects of light and how we see, and how sounds are made.

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  4. Calculators can help children become better at problem solving

    Calculators can help children become better at problem solving

    According to a recent report on the BBC, the Education Endowment Foundation has found that calculators can help students become better at problem solving. Rather than hindering children, calculators can actually help to develop children's arithmetic skills, when taught properly.

    This is very pleasing news to me as, since ministers banned the use of calculators in national maths tests for 11-year-olds in England from 2014, sales of our book How to be Brilliant at Using a Calculator have been sluggish, to say the least. Since then I have considered many times making the book go out of print. However, every time I've looked at the book I've been impressed again at the excellent activities in it – so the book has stayed in print. Maybe sales will now pick up!

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  5. A story about jealousy for anti-bullying week

    A story about jealousy for anti-bullying week

    Katherine’s Story

    How do people react to others’ successes? Some people are pleased for others; others are jealous – in their mind, the success that they see others enjoying, should be theirs.

    Download your free copy of ‘Katherine’s Story’ to find out if Katherine finds the courage to be Head Girl after some jealous pupils are nasty to her.

    This story is taken from Modern Christian Assembly Stories, a contemporary collection of 50 school stories all having a Christian theme.

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