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  1. Half-price resources for the new school year

    Half-price resources for the new school year

    We need to save space - please help!

    We have to reduce our warehouse space so are having a half-price sale to help you start the new school year with fresh, new resources.

    I know term hasn't quite finished yet for many of you, but September will also be in your thoughts.

    And everyone loves a bargain! Find over 100 of our printed resources at 50% discount in our bargain basement.

    Enter Brilliant's Bargain Basement here:

    Hurry, as once the stock is gone, or it gets to the end of July, the sale will end. so visit our bargain basement now!

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  2. Art lessons promote creativity – obviously

    Art lessons promote creativity – obviously

    They also promote reflection, self-criticism, visual-spatial abilities, and the willingness to learn from mistakes and to experiment.

    Which makes art sound like one of the most important subjects i

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  3. Learn the skill; practise the skill

    Learn the skill; practise the skill

    What is the most effective way of enhancing the artistic skills of all primary school children?

    Visual art like so many other aspects of life, consists of skills that can be learned – and as they are learned they need to be applied and practised.

    And improving children’s artistic skills is of enormous value as, with all the arts, competence leads to a sense of achievement and a growth in confidence which spreads across all aspects of the individual child’s life.

    But to achieve this growth, what is needed within the teaching programme is a clear structure.  This is not only enormously helpful for the children, it also allows non-specialist teachers to work with and enhance the artistic skills and abilities of all children in the class.

    The series of books, Drawing is a Class Act, helps teach the child

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  4. Art projects in action

    Art projects in action

    Nicola at The World is Their Classroom has been trying out our Painting is a Class Act series of books with her children.

    You can see how they got on in Nicola’s blog post.

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