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Healthy eating

  1. Half-price resources for the new school year

    Half-price resources for the new school year

    We need to save space - please help!

    We have to reduce our warehouse space so are having a half-price sale to help you start the new school year with fresh, new resources.

    I know term hasn't quite finished yet for many of you, but September will also be in your thoughts.

    And everyone loves a bargain! Find over 100 of our printed resources at 50% discount in our bargain basement.

    Enter Brilliant's Bargain Basement here:

    Hurry, as once the stock is gone, or it gets to the end of July, the sale will end. so visit our bargain basement now!

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  2. Get cooking - safely

    Get cooking - safely

    I'm sure you have heard of the resurgence of baking banana bread over the past year. As some foods became difficult to come by we were more aware of not wasting any of it. So, we created innovative ways to use up leftovers. We also turned to cooking and baking to stop us going stir crazy in lockdown.

    Cooking became a family activity, something to keep everyone occupied and the best bit was eating the results afterwards. Personally I have churned out more trays of flapjacks in the past year than I care to count. But they are good for you as they are mainly oats, right? (!)

    Introducing children to cooking at a young age, or any age in fact (how else will they cope when they finally leave home?) is a worthwhile endeavour. But how do we keep them safe with all those sharp implements about?

    We have produced 8 short videos showing different skills needed to keep safe in the kitchen.

    For instance, watch this video explaining the

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