Be calm.  Hold the vision.  Breathe.

Many primary school children are suffering from anxiety and stress.

Not only does this condition have a negative effect on the child’s wellbeing, but it also impacts on their ability to learn.

For, as anyone who has ever experienced anxiety and other stress-related issues will attest, in such a situation the mind tends to focus completely on the anxiety-giving issue and is not open to any input from elsewhere.

But there is a technique that many schools are now using to help children to relax and reduce their stress levels.  What’s more, it is a technique that can benefit all children – both those suffering from anxiety and those who are not.

The approach involves introducing them to visualisation. The calming effect this brings can help to ease their anxiety and also help them to develop their creative thinking skills.

It can also ensure that others who do not have anxiety will be able to cope with it more readily should they ever experience it (and most of us experience some form of anxiety in our lives at some stage).

It is with this in mind that we have developed the resource “The Vision Within” which provides a practical introduction to creative visualisation for primary school teachers.

The tried-and-tested visualisation sequences are ready to use, with little or no preparation. Optional follow-up activities link the visualisations to maths, drama, poetry and the arts.

The visualisations in the book will help children to develop a range of life skills, from problem solving, reasoning and evaluation to managing feelings, empathy and social skills - making them more creative and relaxed learners - and better able to cope with the stresses of modern day life.

You can view free sample pages on our website, as well as find out more about the book.