Learn the skill; practise the skill

What is the most effective way of enhancing the artistic skills of all primary school children?

Visual art like so many other aspects of life, consists of skills that can be learned – and as they are learned they need to be applied and practised.

And improving children’s artistic skills is of enormous value as, with all the arts, competence leads to a sense of achievement and a growth in confidence which spreads across all aspects of the individual child’s life.

But to achieve this growth, what is needed within the teaching programme is a clear structure.  This is not only enormously helpful for the children, it also allows non-specialist teachers to work with and enhance the artistic skills and abilities of all children in the class.

The series of books, Drawing is a Class Act, helps teach the children a series of specific visual art skills.  Thereafter it provides activities and exercises which ensure that the new understanding that the children gain, of both the medium and technique, becomes embedded and enjoyable.

This then gives the children a sense of achievement at mastering each new skill, and a sense of progress, as their ability is enhanced through the completion of the activities provided.

Also included in the books are photocopiable examples of work from children who have themselves worked through this technique, thus providing a range of ideas showing what can be achieved as the work progresses.

Extracts from the three books in the series (which cover the entire primary school range from years 1 to 6)  along with more details of what is included are shown on our website. Try out some of the skills with your pupils. Are they using the left half of their brain or the right?