One man, two people, accessible to all

What is the most effective way of allowing lower ability students the chance to fully appreciate Jekyll and Hyde?

Jekyll and Hyde is a story that appeals to vast numbers of teenagers, not least because so many of them find the notion of becoming someone else an incredibly exciting idea.

For such a vision allows them to imagine that they are not trapped by their current circumstances but could change themselves into something and someone totally different…

However, many lower ability students never get to appreciate the story because of the difficulties they have with reading.  Which is why we have produced a Graphic Revision Guide to The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Indeed, this Graphic Revision Guide not only gives the students immediate access to the book, it also prepares them for their forthcoming assessments. 

The graphic sheets enable the students both to grasp the story and its themes, and to understand the characters within the story.   And from this point they become more readily able to recall quotations from the work.

From such a base the students are then better able to follow the plot and understand the perspective of each character – something which itself can be incredibly valuable to less able teenagers.

This approach also gives such students a greater ability to recall the sequence of events within the story – and this in turn helps develop the students’ confidence in their own ability to answer questions on the book. 

What’s more the volume contains a range of additional material covering topics such as life in Victorian London, character summaries, and introductions to the main themes of the book.

The focus on visuals also helps those who find a solid array of text challenging, to begin to understand the story, the themes and the characters.

You can read more about this unique volume, which is available as an ebook or in printed form on our website, where you will also find full details of the contents and sample pages.