Why stories?

... because stories are a good starting point for learning a foreign language.

We are delighted to say we have managed to interview Barbara Scanes, the author of Learn French with Luc et Sophie a story-based approach to learning French. In the interview Barbara explains why including stories is so important to her.

The interview supplies an interesting insight into how Barbara used her knowledge and expertise from teaching languages to a large age range to produce the Luc et Sophie resources.

"Make learning fun and the children will want to learn and they will learn effortlessly." Barbara Scanes, author.

Along with the stories the Learn French with Luc et Sophie resource includes a comprehensive teacher book with flashcards, activities, games, role play and songs as well as interactive whiteboard files.

Throughout, the key objective was to make the resources accessible and relevant to all ages with support for the non-specialist teacher. Audio recordings of vocabulary lists, dialogue, plays, songs and instructions performed by native french speakers are all included to ensure children practice correct pronunciation.

Watch the video of the interview and find out in more depth why a story-based resource is such a success for children learning a foreign language.