The bright are different.

The bright are different.

What are the most effective ways of meeting the multiple challenges very intelligent children can face?

Of one thing there is no doubt: the journey from being a very bright child to becoming a well-rounded, well-adjusted and sociable very bright adult, is not without its challenges.

Because although many children see the very intelligent pupil in their school as having a great advantage, those very bright children do not always become the well-rounded and happy adults that we might imagine, given their intellectual advantage.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for the intelligent child at times to wish that she or he was not different, but instead could simply fit in and be like all the rest.

As a result, to understand how best to aid and support very intelligent children, it is necessary to see what it is that can cause them difficulty at school, and from that point, how they can best be helped.

Part of the problem is that our societ

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