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modern foreign languages (mfl)

  1. What is better than listening to a French phonics song?

    What is better than listening to a French phonics song?

    ... listening to, and watching, a whole book full!

    You can now see video clips of all the songs in 21 Fun Songs to Teach French Phonics. The songs are listed, with links, in the 'Details' tab on our website.

    Watch the song clips on the book webpage here:

    Make sure you have some space around you before you do. The songs are very catchy and joining in with the actions is great fun.

    Pupils love singing along with the audio tracks and dancing to the videos and develop accurate French pronunciation at the same time.

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  2. Teaching phonics to aid pronunciation

    Teaching phonics to aid pronunciation

    I am in the group of pupils who (a while ago now!) did not have grammar and punctuation taught in their English lessons. This made learning other languages quite a challenge.

    Clare Seccombe, an MFL teacher and consultant in the north-east of England, has written a very interesting blog about teaching Spanish phonics. Clare trained as a secondary MFL teacher in 1994-95 at a time when phonics were not mentioned. Her blog follows her career and how teaching phonics, or not, has changed over this time.

    You can read her thoughts here:

    Clare very kindly mentions our resource 'Physical Spanish Phonics' and how she uses the spelling and action system in her teaching. We always like to get any feedback about our resources and how they are used so thank you Clare.

    If you

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  3. Here is something you have all been waiting for ...

    Here is something you have all been waiting for ...

    ... there is a new Berthe the Witch French story book out now!

    And guess what? The Berthe stories now come with access to an audio recording of the story. So now your pupils can listen and follow the story with you or for themselves.

    You can order a copy of Berthe Va à Paris on our website - our stock of the new books is on its way to us. Your book will be despatched as soon as possible.

    In the new story - Berthe Va à Paris - Berthe decides to visit Paris with her cat, of course.

    Her broomstick is broken so she has to take public transport. She visits famous places, and we learn something of the history. Her cat, however, has other plans.

    Berthe Va à Paris is written in simple French as it is meant for beginners. It contains a QR link to an audio recording of the story and at the

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  4. Why stories?

    Why stories?

    ... because stories are a good starting point for learning a foreign language.

    We are delighted to say we have managed to interview Barbara Scanes, the author of Learn French with Luc et Sophie a story-based approach to learning French. In the interview Barbara explains why including stories is so important to her.

    The interview supplies an interesting insight into how Barbara used her knowledge and expertise from teaching languages to a large age range to produce the Luc et Sophie resources.

    "Make learning fun and the children will want to learn and they will learn effortlessly." Barbara Scanes, author.

    Along with the stories the Learn French with Luc et Sophie resource includes a comprehensive teacher book with flashcards, activities, games, role play and songs as well as interactive whiteboard files.


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  5. Learning Languages from Home Q&A: Tips and Advice from the Experts

    Learning Languages from Home Q&A: Tips and Advice from the Experts

    In this article, experts in language learning give you the best insights to encourage yourself and others to learn languages from home.


    Whether you are considering the benefits of learning at home, if music can help, how to practise pronunciation and even whether you will need a teacher for support, these tips and advice will help you.

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