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  1. What's new at Brilliant Publications?

    What's new at Brilliant Publications?

    Here is what is happening in the office this week.

    3rd edition of Physical French Phonics has gone to the printers

    The latest new edition of Physical French Phonics, which will have a USB drive instead of a DVD-Rom, has now gone to the printers. As so many computers no longer have an internal CD drive, this seemed a sensible thing to do.

    The new edition also corrects a faulty link to one of the videos. In our earlier version, on Slide1 of File 5, the picture for the 'u' sound incorrectly links to the 'eu' video. Don't panic if you have already have a copy. You can download the revised version of File 5 by clicking here.

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  2. What's new at Brilliant Publications?

    What's new at Brilliant Publications?

    Welcome to the first Brilliant Publications newsletter of 2022!

    We hope you had a good break

    We love to receive orders, but it always worries me when we receive too many orders over the Christmas break, as I know how important it is for teachers to have some rest and relaxation. Nevertheless it is always reassuring when orders start to pick up again at the beginning of January.

    I was very flattered to read on Twitter that one teacher was considering adding Kate Heap’s Developing Reading Comprehension Skills series to her Christmas list – I hope her wish came true!

    Here is what is happening in the office this week.

    French is Fun at Key Stage 1

    This week we are working on the final touches for French is Fun at Key Stage 1, ensuring consi

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  3. 2021 May Newsletter

    2021 May Newsletter

    Recently the CEO of a major UK publishing house said in a radio interview that his company published a broad selection of views and it wasn’t their role to espouse a particular view.

    The same can’t be said for Brilliant Publications, at least when it comes to education. We have very firm ideas about how children learn. Our mission statement says that we create easy to use resources, with engaging approaches to learning, so as to inspire and motivate pupils across a wide range of curriculum areas. These values underpin everything that we do.

    Our recent title

    Our most recent title, How to Achieve Outstanding Writers in EYFS and Key Stage 1 is an excellent example of how we put our mission statement into practice. The National Curriculum puts grea

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