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Brilliant Activities for Reading Non-Fiction

by May Stevenson
ISBNE-book: 9780857471796
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Brilliant Activities for Reading Non-Fiction contains comprehension activities to help primary school pupils learn about different types of non-fiction texts and develop strategies for reading them. Most of the activities allow for differentiation by outcome and so may be used with the whole class. Differentiated worksheets are included where necessary so that children of lower ability have more guidance or less to do in quantity. Extension activities are given to challenge the more able, and follow-up activities enable teachers to extend the work further.

Activities range from analysing leaflets and advertisements to locating information and looking at how it is structured.

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Brilliant Activities for Reading Non-fiction adds to the teaching of reading and writing by providing materials to develop Key Stage 2 children’s ability to recognize different genres and styles in texts.

Within these activities the children will encounter a range of text types, including:

  1. reference books on topics of interest
  2. thesauruses
  3. dictionaries with and without illustrations
  4. instructions
  5. letters written for a range of purposes: to recount, explain, congratulate, complain, etc.
  6. alphabetical texts: directories, encyclopedias, indexes, etc.
  7. reports and articles in newspapers and magazines
  8. explanations and persuasive writing: adverts, circulars and flyers
  9. accounts of events
  10. rules, recipes, directions and notices

The activities are compatible with the Primary Literacy Strategy and may be carried out in the time allocated for the Literacy Hour. Each chapter contains instructions for teachers, texts and differentiated worksheets. Many of the chapters have extension activities.

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Age Groups 7 - 11 years,
Author May Stevenson
Product format Teacher resource
Market restriction There are no market restrictions for this book.
Released date 3 June 2011
ISBN E-book: 9780857471796
Pages 136
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