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Brilliant French Information Books - Level 2

by Danièle Bourdais, Sue Finnie
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Encourage primary school pupils to become independent French readers with this collection of 6 short, highly-illustrated French information readers.

The Brilliant French Information Books are ideal for Key Stage 2 (KS2) children who don't like reading stories. Specially written by Danièle Bourdais and Sue Finnie to support young French learners, these non-fiction books consolidate core vocabulary and reinforce language patterns, while being packed full of information and photos of the French-speaking world which will broaden pupils' perceptions and develop their intercultural understanding.

The Level 2 books are ideal for children in Years 4 and 5 who have been studying French for one or two years.

The Brilliant French Information Books, which are published by Brilliant Publications, come packaged with a teaching guide and CD-Rom containing pdf copies of the books for display on interactive whiteboards and audio recordings of the texts, making them ideal for use by non-specialist teachers.

These colourful photographic books:

  • Consolidate core vocabulary
  • Introduce unfamiliar language in a controlled way, to enable children to start reading French straight away, without being daunted
  • Include repetition to reinforce language patterns
  • Contain in-built progression and differentiation
  • Introduce pupils to life in France and other French-speaking countries
  • Contain fun memory quizzes to check understanding
  • In-built progression

To ensure progression and differentiation, there are three easily identifiable levels of difficulty. The Level 2 books in this pack typically have 1-3 short to medium sentences per page, making them ideal for pupils in Years 4 and 5 who have been studying French for 1 or 2 years. For less advanced learners, the Level 1 books typically have a single short sentence per page, while the books at Level 3 have 3-4 sentences of varying length per page.

The 6 Level 2 Brilliant French Information Books are:

  • Inventés en France
  • Une journée à l'école
  • C'est la fête !
  • J'aime lire
  • Bon appétit !
  • Vive le sport


Teacher support
In the Level 2 pack you will find 1 copy of each of the 6 information books, together with a teaching guide and a CD–Rom.

The teaching guide contains notes for getting the most from the resource, background information on each topic and language focus, English translations of the books and answers to the quizzes.

The CD-Rom contains audio files of the each of the Level 2 Brilliant French Information Books, to enable children to hear correct pronunciation and make correct sound-spelling links, and pdf versions of the texts to enable them to be displayed on an interactive whiteboard for whole class/group guided reading sessions.


More Information
Age Groups 7 - 11 years,
Author Danièle Bourdais, Sue Finnie
Product format Teacher resource with CD-rom/DVD
Market restriction There are no market restrictions for this book.
Released date 25 April 2016
ISBN 9781783172009
Pages 84
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