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Buena Idea

by Michelle Williams, Nicolette Hannam
ISBNPrint: 9781905780631 E-book: 9781905780877
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Print: 9781905780631 E-book: 9781905780877
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Buena Idea is an invaluable time-saving resource for primary school teachers that will help you to cover many of the objectives of the Framework for Modern Foreign Languages.
Designed with the non-specialist in mind, Buena Idea provides key vocabulary, word and picture matching cards, activity sheets and puzzle pages for 20 popular topics. Use the suggestions given or develop your own games with these flexible sheets. Spanish has never been this easy - just choose your game, copy the sheets and play!
Sentence building sheets for each topic provide top tips for extending the vocabulary. Use them and soon your pupils will be happily conversing in Spanish with confidence.

Buena Idea was written to provide key Spanish vocabulary for twenty topics used in primary schools, and to give teachers ideas for introducing, teaching, reinforcing and extending new vocabulary. Each topic has key vocabulary, word matching cards, an activity sheet, a puzzle page, and ideas for extending learning through sentence building. Many topics also have picture cards. Using the book can support the teacher in covering many of the objectives in the Framework for Modern Foreign Languages using a choice of fun and lively activities.

The key vocabulary pages can be enlarged to A3 for classroom display, or photocopied and laminated as reference cards. The word and picture matching cards can be used in many ways. Lessons should begin with work on the Oracy Objectives in the Framework by repeating the new words after the teacher and playing some flashcard games. The children can then work in mixed ability pairs, using the photocopiable sheets from the book. They can match the words face up, then progress to matching them face down in a ‘pairs’ game. They could also play snap. They could glue the English words on an A3 sheet and carefully write the Spanish words next to them, or glue on the Spanish words, and draw pictures to match each word, and progress to writing the new words from memory.

The sentence building sheets can further develop the children’s language skills, reinforcing vocabulary by using it in simple sentences. The suggestions work towards the Literacy Objectives in the Framework and will further develop children’s reading and writing skills. The puzzle pages reinforce the language further in a fun way, and could also be used for homework.

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Age Groups 5 - 7 years, 7 - 11 years,
Author Michelle Williams, Nicolette Hannam
Product format Teacher resource
Market restriction There are no market restrictions for this book.
Released date 4 June 2011
ISBN Print: 9781905780631 E-book: 9781905780877
Pages 150
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