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Deall Prosesau Ffisegol

by Alan Jones, Alwena Power, Janet O'Neill, Roy Purnell
ISBNPrint: 9781783170289 E-book: 9781783170326
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Print: 9781783170289 E-book: 9781783170326
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Mae’r pynciau yn y llyfr hwn yn helpu disgyblion i ddeall prosesau ffi segol. Maent yn atgyfnerthu dulliau ymchwil gwyddonol trwy fynnu bod disgyblion yn cynllunio ac yn gwneud gweithgareddau ymarferol, ystyried tystiolaeth, a chyfl wyno syniadau a chasgliadau. Mae’r tafl enni yn canolbwyntio ar rymoedd a mudiant, trydan, golau a sain, yn ogystal ag ar yr Haul a’r Lleuad a’u perthynas â’r Ddaear.

The topics in this book help pupils understand physical processes. They reinforce methods of scientific enquiry by requiring pupils to plan and carry out practical activities, consider evidence, and present ideas and conclusions. The sheets focus on forces and motion, electricity, light and sound, as well as on the Sun and Moon and their relationship to the Earth.

The three books in the Brilliant Support Activities Science series are an ideal way of introducing scientific terms in Welsh.

The books are designed to develop the essential skills of observation, predicting, recording and drawing conclusions. The books contain a mixture of paper-based tasks and ʻhands onʼ activities.

The photocopiable worksheets introduce one concept or statement per sheet (unless they are review sheets), and they can be used in any order. They are designed for use by individual pupils or to be used as a class activity if all the class are working at the same ability range.

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Age Groups 7 - 11 years,
Author Alan Jones, Alwena Power, Janet O'Neill, Roy Purnell
Product format Teacher resource
Market restriction There are no restrictions for this book.
Released date 30 September 2013
ISBN Print: 9781783170289 E-book: 9781783170326
Pages 48
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