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Free Resources for English

To allow you to try out our books free of charge, Brilliant Publications have published some sample pages from them below. There is no charge for downloading these free resources from our How to Dazzle at ... series for English at Key Stage 3 and we guarantee that you won't download a virus or any ads!

These high-quality free resources for English at Key Stage 3 (KS3) have been tried and tested in the classroom, so that you can be sure that they will work. Why not try them for yourself and if they improve your pupils' knowledge and skills, buy the book.

Please click each book cover to find out more about the book's contents, and click each resource title to download a pdf. If you like any of these free resources, why not buy some of the books published by Brilliant Publications where you will find many more resources designed and produced to the same high standard. These samples have come from: How to Dazzle at Grammar, How to Dazzle at Reading, How to Sazzle at Reading for Meaning, How to Dazzle at Spelling, How to Dazzle at Writing, How to Dazzle at Macbeth, How to Dazzle at Romeo and Juliet, How to Dazzle at Twelfth Night.

How to Dazzle at Reading for Meaning

How to Dazzle at Spelling

Shakespeare Teaching Resources

How to Dazzle at Macbeth

How to Dazzle at Twelfth Night