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Fun with Number Rhymes for the Early Years - A Collection of Mathematical Rhymes and Resources for 3-5 Year Olds

by Julie Hodgson
ISBNE-book: 9780857470829
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Singing and acting to learn about numbers – what could be more fun?

Fun with Number Rhymes for the Early Years contains 20 fun rhymes focusing on counting and sequencing numbers to 10. With reproducible pictures, music suggestions, book links and extension ideas, this e-book is an essential resource for any Foundation Stage setting.

  • Use the rhymes regularly at number time to develop number skills
  • Help build children's confidence, memory and understanding
  • Suitable for small or large groups of children
  • Attractive, photocopiable picture props that children love to use for acting out the rhymes.
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Young children love to take part in counting and singing rhymes, and their mathematical development is greatly enhanced when these experiences are offered in an interesting, meaningful and enjoyable way.

Every rhyme has its own set of pictures for children to hold, or wear as masks or head bands, whilst taking part. Visual props like these help build their confidence, memory and understanding.

It is advised that you divide the children into groups to role-play these activities, then you can ensure that each child has a turn. Thus, confidence is enhanced through building upon what children already know, understand and are able to do.

To make up the rhyme packs

  • Print and copy the pictures as indicated on the bottom of each picture page.
  • Colour the pictures.
  • Laminate the pictures or cover with clear sticky-back plastic, which will keep them in good condition for repeated use.
  • For masks, cut out eye holes and ribbon holes, attach reinforcement rings and thread ribbon through ready for children to put on.
  • For hand-held props, fasten a short length of dowel rod (about 25cm) onto the back of each picture, with sticky tape.
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Age Groups
Author Julie Hodgson
Product format Teacher resource
Market restriction There are no market restrictions for this book.
Released date 16 September 2005
ISBN E-book: 9780857470829
Pages 100
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