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How to Sparkle at Maths Fun

by Val Edgar
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How to Sparkle at Maths Fun is a collection of photocopiable games, practical activities and fun worksheets designed to inspire and reinforce the teaching of maths in the Key Stage 1 (KS1) classroom. The book supports children working at National Curriculum Key Stage 1 / Scottish National 5-14 Guidelines, levels A and B.

The book is based around the theme of jungle animals, with familiar characters leading children through their learning.

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How to Sparkle at Maths Fun is in three sections:

  • practical activities involving cut and stick, junk materials, modelling dough, etc.
  • worksheets which require coloured pencils as an extra resource
  • games in which the children work in pairs or groups and which require dice and counters

It includes:

  • numerals and number names to 20
  • 10x multiplication facts
  • 5x multiplication facts
  • 2x multiplication facts
  • 10x division facts
  • 5x division facts
  • 2x division facts
  • sorting and classsifying data
  • patterns and sequences
  • comparatives
  • ordering numbers to 100
  • 3D shape recognition and handling
  • time
  • halves and quarters
  • reflective symmetry
  • measuring and comparing lengths
  • odd and even numbers to 50
  • addition and subtraction
More Information
Age Groups 5 - 7 years,
Author Val Edgar
Market restriction There are no market restrictions for this book.
Released date 8 June 2011
ISBN 9780857470614
Pages 48
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