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How to Sparkle at Prediction Skills

by Jo Laurence
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How to Sparkle at Prediction Skills contains 40 photocopiable worksheets to help Key Stage 1 (KS1) children to develop word recognition and text-prediction skills. They are designed to teach children to predict and anticipate which words come next, through their awareness of context and syntax, and to build up a basic sight vocabulary of words which they will often meet. It helps children to understand what they are reading. The activities allow children to decode words and put them into a context. The children learn to predict the meaning of unfamiliar words and byuild up their vocabulary.

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The activities in How to Sparkle at Prediction Skills include:

  • Naming objects in pictures
  • Completing sentences with word(s) which make the most sense
  • Recognizing that words with the same sound can have different meanings
  • Word searches
  • Sorting jumbled up letters into words
  • Writing word portraits
  • Spotting identical pairs of words in lists
Product Information
Age Groups 5 - 7 years,
Author Jo Laurence
Market restriction There are no market restrictions for this book.
Released date 8 June 2011
ISBN 9780857470645
Pages 48
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