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How to Sparkle at Science Investigations

by Monica Huns
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Help to develop your Key Stage 1 (KS1) pupils' investigation skills using the attractively laid out photocopiable worksheets in How to Sparkle at Science Investigations. Using familiar contexts, the sheets provide opportunities for children to develop their observational skills, make measurements, plan and carry out investigations, and draw conclusions from their results.

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Worksheet themes include:

  • Healthy lifestyles
  • What do plants need to grow?
  • Senses
  • Is it see-through (Materials)
  • Which hat for Teddy (Materials)?
  • We're going on a materials hunt
  • Making bridges
  • Forces
  • Which magnet is the strongest?
  • Making a circuit
  • Floating and sinking
  • Investigating boats and sails
Product Information
Age Groups 5 - 7 years,
Author Monica Huns
Market restriction There are no market restrictions for this book.
Released date 8 June 2011
ISBN 9780857470416
Pages 48
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