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If Only I Were Superman

by Elizabeth Sach
ISBNE-book: 9780857477361
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Often young children are too excited to try to sleep, and too desperate to be ‘grown up’ that they stay up far later than they need- often causing lots of problems the next day. This assembly story for children in primary schools promotes the importance of sleep… it is time to terminate the age-old battle that is bedtime!

Young Michael has always been curious about his Great-Grandmother’s marvellous capacity to get things done at the age of 85. He initially suspects that it is her comfy slippers- whenever she wears them she takes a nap and wakes up effervescent.

One day, he decides that it is about time he trials the magical slippers for himself. Sliding his feet into them, he is entranced and dozes off into an incredible dreamland. When he awakes he feels revitalised with energy and enthusiasm, so he decides to make this his routine. Michael decides to approach his Great-Grandmother about her superpowers. She informs him that it is not her, or the slippers that are super- it is sleep. 

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After learning how sleep can aid functionality, Michael is excited to discover that something so simple, so quotidian can have such extraordinary effects. He realises that sleep- either at bedtime or in the form of super-power-naps is very important in enabling his abilities in the waking hours. This fact will inspire children listening to favour a good sleep more- reducing the number of exhausted and grumpy little ones that parents and teachers alike are so familiar with! Often children think of sleep as boring- this story challenges this idea, using the allure of superhero qualities to make sleep seem exciting. It is especially important for children to be suitably rested for their minds and bodies to regenerate their health, growth, memory, and learnings- amongst other things. Michael’s Great-Grandmother’s discussion of this subject seamlessly provides children listening with a little more knowledge to increase the appeal of sleep- making life easier for everybody!

This story focuses on the importance of sleep and comes from More Brilliant Assembly Stories, written by Elizabeth Sach and published by Brilliant Publications.

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Age Groups 5 - 7 years, 7 - 11 years,
Author Elizabeth Sach
Product format Teacher resource
Market restriction There are no market restrictions for this book.
Released date 19 July 2018
ISBN E-book: 9780857477361
Pages 4
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