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Loto Français - A fun way to reinforce French vocabulary

by Colette Elliott
ISBNPrint: 9781905780457 E-book: 9781905780983
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Print: 9781905780457 E-book: 9781905780983
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Loto Français is a proven way of reinforcing the use of the French language. These attractive, easy-to-use photocopiable lotto boards provide a stimulating and meaningful way to develop reading, listening and speaking skills when teaching.

Topics include:

  • Les nombres 1-12 (Numbers 1-12)
  • Les nombres 1-60 (Numbers 1-60)
  • Les animaux (Animals)
  • Bon appetite! Food)
  • En classe (Classroom objects)
  • Les vêtements (Clothes)
  • Noël (Christmas)

Three versions of each board are provided - words only, words and pictures, and pictures only - allowing maximum flexibility, particularly in mixed ability classes.

The perennially popular game of lotto (or ‘loto’ as it is called in French) is an enjoyable and effective way to teach and/or reinforce vocabulary and language structures.

It can be used as a teaching tool or as a fun follow-up activity after a lesson. It provides a stimulating and meaningful way to develop reading, listening and speaking skills. The games in Loto Français can be played in a variety of ways and with very little preparation from you. There is no need to give the children counters or individual cards. Simply photocopy the boards, hand them out to your pupils together with some colouring pencils and, bingo, you can start playing!

Our unique call sheets provide the ‘order of call’ and enable you to follow the game closely and to select which team you want to win. Lotto can be played in small groups, or with an entire class. There is no limit to the number of players and the games are suitable for ages four upwards.

The ideas in this book are by no means exhaustive and, should you decide to cut the boards to make flashcards or playing cards, then the number of games is unlimited! Have fun playing!
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Age Groups 7 - 11 years,
Author Colette Elliott
Product format Teacher resource
Market restriction There are no market restrictions for this book.
Released date 11 June 2011
ISBN Print: 9781905780457 E-book: 9781905780983
Pages 58
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