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Singt mit uns!

by Colette Thomson, Len Brown
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Singt mit uns! is a collection of 20 easy-to-learn songs, specifically written to aid in the teaching of German in the primary school and at lower secondary school.

The songs are an enjoyable, natural and stress-free way to learn the rhythm of language, intonation and pronunciation, as well as to embed complex structures, such as questions and answers. They introduce and reinforce vocabulary for greetings, numbers, food and drink, family, pets, classroom items and much more.

Linked to some of the KS2 Programmes of Study for modern foreign languages the songs broaden the children's vocabulary whilst honing thier listening skills and pronunciation.

The two CDs contain the songs sung by native German children and music tracks. The accompanying book contains words and music to all the songs, together with English translations and helpful teacher' notes. The attractively illustrated sheets are photocopiable.

The songs in this book are designed for 7-13 year olds.

Product Information
Age Groups 11 -14 years,
Author Colette Thomson, Len Brown
Market restriction There are no market restrictions for this book.
Released date 9 June 2011
ISBN 9781905780785
Pages 54
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