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Author facts:
I’m a Star Trek fan. I have my own uniform and have been to several conventions over the years.

I’m a Brummie and my first claim to fame was presenting a bouquet to the Lady Mayoress when I was just two.

I’ve studied yoga since I was fourteen.

When I was 12, I qualified to train for the Olympics with Sonia Lannaman as I could match her time in the 100m. Sadly, my asthma prevented me from doing so.

I play the guitar. Six-year-olds think I’m wonderful. Everyone else, not so much!

I love ‘Killer Sudoku’.

I’m a helper on an international online Scrabble site.

More about Lyn Kendall
Lyn Kendall is a psychologist and educator who serves as British Mensaʼs Gifted Child Consultant. She has over 40 yearsʼ experience working with children of all ages and intellects, focusing mainly on the fields of Special Educational Needs and Gifted and Talented Education. Lyn holds a Masterʼs Degree in Education (Special Needs and Inclusive Education), and is both a qualified psychologist and a member of the British Psychological Society. As Mensaʼs Gifted Child Consultant, Lyn provides advice and support for parents and professionals alike, as well as undertaking media work for programmes like Victoria Derbyshire and This Morning. She appears regularly on Channel 4ʼs hit TV show Child Genius, where she collaborates with the production team behind the scenes as well as being a panellist.