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Author facts:
I loved playing golf as a child and was lucky enough to stay at ‘The Gleneagles Hotel’ for a couple of nights. Just so happened that the BBC were also filming their much-loved series ‘International Pro Celebrity Golf’ (shows my age) on their Queens course. One morning, we were leaving the foyer when I politely held open the door for two men and greeted them kindly as they wandered through. I didn’t realise at that time, but it was Sean Connery and Bruce Forsythe. They were visibly taken by the kind gesture that they gave me a pat on the head and a one-pound note (again shows my age) for some sweets. I wish I had kept the note – but the black bullets, pear drops and cola cubes were much more irresistible!

I’ve not really been a fan of exercise throughout my life – although nowadays I am partial to a good gentle walk. So, entering the Great North Run was a big deal at the time and worth every painful moment for the money raised for charity. I am also very proud of my finish line picture (which still holds proud place in one of my photo albums) as it clearly shows me running in first before my elder brother. As we are extremely competitive, it again holds a place in my heart. However, the certificate that accompanied it doesn’t! My cheeky brother conveniently skipped the line so that his official finish number was hundreds of places before mine – to this day he swears he finished first!

I love nothing more than a really good walk which ends up with a single shot cappuccino and cake! Even better with family banter too!

I spent a lot of my early twenties watching gigs and going to festivals. My hair was a lot longer in those days and was the start of my love affair with heavy metal! Nothing better than Metallica at Donnington all those many years ago! Goodness knows why, but I was recounting my many tales of said festival to my new Head Teacher – thinking this might either impress or cause immeasurable damage to my credibility. It was funny to watch his eyes light up as we were soon talking about his experiences at the same festival too! Small world!

I enjoy writing poems – especially for birthday cards for friends and family. It’s come to the point now that they get pretty upset if I’ve forgotten to write one. The poems can be sarcastic, humorous and loving too! My wife usually gets a mix of all three!

More about Alec:
Alec is an experienced primary school teacher teaching in Co. Durham. He has held numerous roles but his passion is in the Year 6 classroom. His main reward is seeing children under his care having a good grounding for their extremely important start at secondary school.

He is a husband and father of two and loves nothing more than getting out for a walk in the country!