Daily Sentence Structures (2nd edition)

Teach primary school pupils to use a variety of sentence structures when writing creatively. With these short daily lessons, you’ll see improvements in as little as eight weeks. Look inside.

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The book takes key sentence structures and breaks them down into a series of 15-minute lessons that build on each other. All pupils’ confidence and self-esteem will increase when they have at their fingertips this fool-proof system for creating imaginative and interesting writing.

Children will quickly learn to:

  • Use a variety of different sentence structures from short, dramatic sentences to sentences with subordinating conjunctions and clauses
  • Develop complex sentences using clauses
  • Vary the length, structure and subject of sentences to extend meaning and interest the reader
  •  Include a wider range of conjunctions in their writing
  • Use a range of punctuation for effect
  • Vary the pace to create atmosphere

The Daily Sentence Structures approach has been proven to raise attainment across all abilities. The systematic approach appeals especially to boys, who will enjoy applying logic to their writing and being able to create instant paragraphs.

Improve your pupils’ confidence and self-esteem and your Key Stage 2 SATs results at the same time!

Look inside.

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