Meg Fabian

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Meg Fabian trained at Hornsey College of Art, and feels like she has been a primary school teacher for over 600 years! She has recently retired from working in two schools in Devon, teaching most National Curriculum subjects, but specializing in art. She is held in very high regard in Devon for the excellence, fun, creativity and challenge of her teaching. The quality of her work has been recognized not only by OfSTED, but also by the numerous local and national awards for art which she has helped schools to win.

Meg loves walking on the beaches near her house on the north Devon coast. She rarely returns from her jaunts without having found something she can use in her teaching. Depending on whether you talk to Meg or her husband Larry, this makes their house either a treasure trove of resources or impossible to keep tidy! Meg has 4 children and a dilapidated car.