Trevor Harvey

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Trevor Harvey was born London, September 1st 1944, (making him very old). He trained to become a primary teacher and then took degrees at Suffolk and Southampton Universities (but he still hasn’t given them back). In 1997 he retired from his post as Principal Lecturer on BA and PGCE courses at the University of Brighton.

Trevor started writing poems for children in 1989, which have been included in around 200 anthologies. He has also written a paperback story and a number of short plays for children. Sometimes he writes plays for adults, and his new one-act play was performed daily at the Arundel Festival Fringe in 2004 and 2005. A musical that he has co-written is currently being recorded for release on CD.

Trevor lives in West Sussex and has never learnt to drive. He has a pet woodlouse and his own teeth. However, he lost most of his hair some time ago (he thinks he may have left in on a train).