Fun with Plays: 10 New Plays for 7–11 Year Olds

The plays in Fun with Plays have been specially written for primary school pupils by well-known writers. They range from re-tellings of traditional legends and performance plays to plays dealing with contemporary issues. All children, even the most reluctant readers will love reading these playscripts.

All the plays may be reproduced, making them ideal for use as part of the National Literacy Strategy. Guidance is given for performing each play. Notes for each play highlight topics for discussion. The collection of reproducible worksheets at the back of the book helps to extend the plays further.

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Each play has an introduction with ideas for reading and performing the script. These introductions are written to be helpful and indicative of how the scripts should be read and to provide a different kind of reading for the pupils.

All children, even the most reluctant readers, love reading playscripts. Reading playscripts aloud, in groups, is a tremendous way to boost their reading abilities. One of the reasons for this is that all of the children involved in any script have to read all of the script as it’s unfolding to make sure that they don’t miss their own turn. They also enjoy rereading and taking the parts of different characters – whereas if you ask them to reread a piece of narrative or reference material you are definitely asking them to do something that is viewed as hard work!

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