100+ Fun Ideas for Transition Times

100+ Fun Ideas for Transition Times is crammed with stimulating ideas for the awkward transition times of the primary school day, such as lining up and answering the register.

The activities have been carefully chosen to ensure pupils work as a team, and develop their self-esteem, physical and mental health, but most importantly ensure they have fun.

Use these ideas to refresh repetitive routines. If they go smoothly, then the rest of the day will too.


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This e-book is crammed with stimulating ideas for the awkward, transition times of the day. Although short occasions, these can be the times that present teachers with the most difficulties. The activities here are chosen carefully, with the occasions and the children’s likely needs in mind. Nevertheless, you are the expert on your own class. You know what will most benefit them now: a game, relaxation, exercise, or talking to and getting to know one another. Therefore, select what you want when you want it, choosing the activity to fit that day’s timetable, weather, or stage of the year.

Many of the day’s transition times vary in length from day to day (your end of the day session may be longer sometimes than others) or from child to child (not everyone arrives at school at the same time). You can avoid frustrating, unfinished activities by tying up loose ends in a later lesson in the day or with homework. Alternatively, many of the activities have links to ideas in other chapters of the e-book, so avoiding the children feeling they are time-filling.

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