A Place on the Team – Sam’s Football Stories, Book 6 (Set A)

Sam’s Football Stories are specially written to stimulate and motivate your slower learners and reluctant readers. Written by Sheila Blackburn, an experienced primary school teacher, the books will appeal particularly to reluctant boy readers. The six compelling stories in Set A, tell the story of Sam, a football crazy boy.

In the last book in the set, A Place on the Team, the moment Sam and his friends have been waiting for arrives. Everyone is in the big room, eagerly awaiting the news from Eddie about who is on the team for the first match. Mr Bond has agreed that they can borrow the schools shirts and bibs, but who will be on the team?


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Let your pupils follow Sam and his friends on their journey. Join in the fun and excitement as they begin training, pick a team, join a league and enter a tournament.

  • Provide stimulation and motivation especially for boys who are slower learners or reluctant readers
  • Gripping story lines make children want to read the next story
  • Compatible with the Primary Literacy Strategy category of everyday stories
  • Vocabulary and sentence structure carefully controlled for easy reading
  • Number of words per book increases as you progress through the series
  • Clear font and print style

To extend the stories further, use Sam’s Football Stories – Your Chance to Score!, a reproducible teacher resource linked to the stories in Set A.

Follow Sam in his new adventures described in Sam’s Football Stories, Set B. Find out what happens when the team are in their first tournament.

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Sam and his friends find out about the team: sample pages from the book


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