Christmas Activities for Key Stage 2 Language and Literacy

Christmas Activities for KS2 Language and Literacy contains fun festive language activities, designed harness children’s enthusiasm at this exciting time of the year and keep them on task. Integrating the activities into your planning is easy, so both you and your pupils can enjoy the run-up to Christmas.

The activities include practice at using different punctuation, use of dictionaries, spelling, synonyms, idioms and writing in different genres.

Now you can exploit the children’s natural enthusiasm for the season and inspire them to create especially good work with this bank of fun, stimulating ideas and activities – so you can have a stress-free Christmas!


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Christmas Activities for KS2 Language and Literacy has been designed to take you through the term leading up to Christmas, with the targets of the Key Stage 2 Literacy Strategy autumn term for Years 3–6 specifically in mind. The e-book, as a whole, covers a wide spectrum of these targets whilst providing lots of fun activities all linked to Christmas. The sheets can be used independently and most ask the child to work in the space provided.

There are just a few activities which require extra sheets of paper. Each task, or activity, has educational rigour, making the work suitable for introducing a topic or reinforcing it. The sheets are not designed as time fillers and should not be used as such. They are meant to become an integral part of the teacher’s literacy planning for the first term of the year.

The comments in the reindeers’ speech bubbles give ideas for the focus of plenary discussion sessions. For example, page 9 uses homonyms and gives the teacher a chance to talk about ‘practice’ and ‘practise’; page 10 offers an opportunity for discussion about verbs, nouns and missing subjects, such as the ‘I’ missing from ‘I thank you.’

Some of the sheets ask the children to share their reading and their writing with other members of the group and this should be encouraged wherever possible.

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Reindeers with sacks help children name punctuation marks


Children list presents to practise words that include various grapheme groups


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