Communication and Language with Literacy

The activities in Communication and Language with Literacy, encourage children:

  • to speak and listen, express themselves clearly
  • use language confidently
  • use and enjoy books
  • link sounds and letters
  • develop phonic knowledge
  • begin to read and write.

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This e-book has over 145 differentiated activities set in real-life contexts relevant to children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The activities aim to develop children’s skills and to meet the Department of Education’s learning and development requirements in the areas of Communication and Language and Literacy. They offer opportunities for practitioners to encourage and support children as they work towards the Early Learning Goals (ELGs) of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

There are three ELGs for the prime area Communication and Language: Listening and Attention; Understanding; and Speaking.

There are two ELGs for the prime area Literacy: Reading; and Writing.

A table showing which learning opportunities are addressed by each activity is provided in the book.

Each e-book in the Foundation Blocks series focuses on one of the prime areas and one or two of the specific areas, making implementing the EYFS curriculum easy.

The series provides comprehensive coverage of the curriculum, with over 145 activities in each book. These differentiated activities enable you to focus on skills development and progression.

The clear layout makes it easy for you to choose the best activities for your children. Activities are cross-referenced to popular early years topics, making this series an invaluable resource for any early years setting.

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