Jouons Tous Ensemble – 20 Games to Play with Children to Encourage and Reinforce French Language and Vocabulary

Jouons Tous Ensemble contains 20 easy-to-play photocopiable games that are a fun way to practise speaking and listening to French. Playing games is an ideal way to learn a foreign language as children become more confident speakers in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. They will practise speaking and listening without realizing it!

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The games in Jouons Tous Ensemble are designed to complement French language teaching and learning, either in the classroom or at home. They are fun to play, and there is no age limit – children and adults alike can enjoy the different types of games.

Each game concentrates on one or two specific language areas. Many of the games can be adapted to practise other language vocabulary as appropriate.

All the games encourage speaking and listening. The skills of reading and writing are emphasized to different degrees in the different games.

The instructions for each game set out:

  • the objectives for the game
  • how to set it up
  • how to play it
  • extensions/variations

Some of the games require cards and boards and these are provided as photocopiable resource pages. It is a good idea to allow some time to prepare the items needed for each game before introducing them into play. If the playing cards and boards are photocopied onto thin card and laminated, you will be able to use them again and again for many years.

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