Stewie Scraps and the Space Racer

In Stewie Scraps and the Space Racer, Stewie spends all week wishing that Friday afternoon would come. It is “Art and Craft” on Friday afternoons, the only lesson Stewie willingly takes part in. When Mr Melling announces the start of a new project on space, Stewie knows exactly what to design, a spacecraft.

After school, Stewie rushes home with his prototype. He can’t wait to build the real thing. “We just need a few extra bits on the landing gear … and then … all systems go – tomorrow night,” he tells Bugzy, his pet rat.

Find out where Stewie’s Space Racer takes them and who he meets.


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About Stewie Scraps:
Stewie doesn’t do sport. He hasn’t got any time for sums or things like that, but he does like technology; designing and making stuff using the scrap in his dad’s junk shop.

  • Aimed at reluctant readers, especially boys
  • Gripping story line
  • Very likeable, engaging main character

You can find out all about Stewie’s family and their junk shop with this PowerPoint presentation.

Top Secret is a teacher’s resource designed to accompany the Stewie Scraps series of reading books.

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