Sue Cave

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Author facts:
• Born and bred in Lancashire but have lived in Berkshire for 40 years – you can take the girl out of Wigan but not Wigan out of the girl!
• First fell in love with the French language on a French school exchange trip at the age of 14 – went on study to French at university partly because a former teacher told me that I never would!
• Have taught French to all ages from 7 to 70 – secondary, adult education then primary – my favourite age being the latter.
• Designing ‘Physical French Phonics’ with Jean Haig was a very engaging and creative process and I’m very proud of the result.
• Currently really enjoying delivering training sessions and sharing my expertise with the next generation of primary language teachers.

More about Sue:
Sue Cave is an experienced primary school and MFL teacher. She has helped Brilliant Publications on several projects.

Sue Cave is the author of 100+ Fun Ideas for Practising Modern Foreign Languages in the Primary Classroom and More Fun Ideas for Advancing Modern Foreign Languages in the Primary Classroom. She is co-author of Physical French Phonics and Physical Spanish Phonics.