100+ Fun Ideas for Teaching French Across the Curriculum in the Primary Classroom

100+ Fun Ideas for Teaching French Across the Curriculum helps to bring French to life and make it meaningful, by linking it to other subjects using a Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach.

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This book was written by Michelle Williams, a primary school teacher, and Nicolette Hannam, a secondary school teacher. While team-teaching French to Year 5 they looked at classroom displays, and began to see how easily French could be accommodated within normal lessons and embedded across the curriculum. This approach to language learning is known as Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

The authors spent time examining the National Curriculum and identifying places where a link with French was possible. After much planning, teaching and evaluating they have now refined their ideas and collected them in this book, aimed at supporting schools that have chosen French as a modern foreign language for pupils throughout Key Stage 2.

How does CLIL work?

CLIL involves teaching a subject, such as history or maths, in the target language, where possible. It encourages a dual-language approach to any chosen topic, embedding the language within other subjects, and so enhancing pupils’ learning across the curriculum. CLIL lessons can be stimulating and challenging. They are most successful when they are supported by visual aids, such as flashcards or dual-language interactive whiteboard presentations. Tasks should support pupils by reinforcing prior language knowledge and introducing new vocabulary gradually. These tasks often provide material for excellent creative displays that link work across the curriculum, helping pupils to retain information.

The practical, easy-to-use ideas in 100+ Fun Ideas for Teaching French Across the Curriculum in the Primary Classroom make it easy to integrate language learning across the curriculum. By incorporating French into maths, science, history, geography, ICT, etc, your language learning will complement and enhance learning in other subjects, rather than compete with them for crucial teaching and learning time.

Telling you that ‘six fois sept égal 42’ is much more exciting than just practising times tables! With the help of this book, soon your pupils will be able to tell you ‘Oui, c’est exact’ if their science predictions were correct or enjoy being able to ‘envoyer un document’ (send a document) in ICT.

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