Brilliant Activities for Creative Writing, Year 3

Brilliant Activities for Creative Writing, Year 3 provides a flexible, but structured resource for developing writing skills, which both you and your pupils will enjoy. The activities address many of lower Key Stage 2 Programmes of Study for writing composition. Look inside.

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The Brilliant Activities for Creative Writing series is designed to stimulate developing writers to access the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for writing composition. The activities help children to develop writing skills for different genres, from narrative and poetry to recounts and persuasive writing.

Each book contains practice activities to assist pupils in understanding, revising and consolidating their skills in writing. The activities are structured to help each pupil to understand how to:

  • write for a widening range of purposes and audiences
  • organize ideas into coherent and grammatically correct sentences
  • improve, and make progress in, their own writing
  • increase their accuracy in the use of punctuation
  • develop their knowledge and confidence in spelling
  • use and enlarge their writing vocabulary
  • write in different ways for different genres and types of text
  • develop their own way with words

Genres covered range from narrative and poetry to recounts, instructions and persuasive writing. The narrative writing activities support pupils in developing settings, characters and plot. The sheets focusing on non-narrative writing encourage pupils to focus on the features and devices used with each text type.

The sheets are structured but flexible so that they can be used alone or as follow-ons. The ideas on the sheets can all be used as a basis for more lessons for reinforcement purposes. Each book aims to offer:

  • a range of familiar text forms
  • a range of appropriate contexts
  • opportunities to experiment with words drawn from language experience, literature andmedia
  • opportunities to select vocabulary according to demands of activity
  • use of proof-reading, checking and editing, sharing with peers
  • encouragement to pupils to reflect upon their understanding of the writing process

The sheets are self-explanatory and ready to use; the only additional resources needed are a pen or pencil and, sometimes, extra paper. Hint boxes provide extra support for the children in completing the task.

Word processing on a computer would be a bonus.

The teacher tip boxes provide useful ideas and suggestions for making the most of the activities.

Look inside.

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