Brilliant Activities for Grammar and Punctuation Series Pack

Brilliant Activities for Grammar and Punctuation is a 6 book photocopiable series to teach basic grammatical and punctuation concepts in a fun and memorable way, which will challenge and stimulate the whole class. Pupils are motivated to think logically about the activities and to share their knowledge and understanding with their peers through working individually, in pairs, groups or, sometimes, in whole class contexts.

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Now only £21.60 (was £81.00)

The worksheets in Brilliant Activities to Teach Grammar and Punctuation are designed for the practice, reinforcement and consolidation of grammar and punctuation skills and they address the requirements laid out in the Programmes of Study in the September 2014 National Curriculum.

The books provide teachers with the tools they need to teach grammar effectively and will complement other language and literacy schemes of work. The activities teach the technical terms pupils need in order to be able to discuss language and promote the necessity of making the children’s learning functional. When pupils properly understand the effects that grammar and punctuation have on text, they can transfer that knowledge to their own writing and thus develop their skills.

The books all include an assessment checklist and answers.

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Find out why it is important to have nouns (names) for things (from Year 1 book)


What are vowels and what sound do they make? (From Year 2 book.)


Have fun with preposition opposites (from Year 3 book)


How do you show that something belongs to somenone? (From Year 4 book)


Change nouns and adjectives into verbs (from Year 5 book)


Find out how to create lists with semi-colons (from Year 6 book)


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