Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension Series Pack


The Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension series (2nd edition) addresses the Programmes of Study for reading comprehension in the 2014 National Curriculum for England for primary schools.

It is vital that children understand what they are reading. It is also fundamental that they enjoy what they are reading, so that they grow up to become lifelong readers.

The passages in Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension series are designed to do just that. They provide children with a variety of engaging, enjoyable texts that will grab their attention, and indeed their teacherʼs attention as well.

The types of comprehension passages range from newspaper articles and dialogues, to plays, stories and poems. They gradually increase in difficulty as you progress through the book, and through the series, encouraging children to develop their ability to read for meaning and use a range of strategies to engage with the text.

The passages are ideal for guided reading.


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Tasks range from simple factual recall and vocabulary work to more open-ended questions to challenge pupils of all abilities and enable them to provide a more personal response. Answers are provided in the back of each book.

There are detailed starting points for lesson plans, integrating writing, speaking and other literacy skills with the passages.

The cross-curricular activities provide a wealth of ideas for extending the learning further and are ideal for fast-finishers.

The Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension series (2nd edition) has been written by Charlotte Makhlouf, an experienced primary school teacher based in London. The series is published by Brilliant Publications. Charlotte has also written the Getting to Grip with English Grammar series.

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