Getting to Grips with English Grammar, Year 4

Getting to Grips with English Grammar is a flexible resource for teaching grammar in primary schools. It provides complete coverage of the grammar and punctuation Programmes of Study for the National Curriculum for England. Grammar and punctuation rules are systematically introduced, revisited and consolidated, ensuring that pupils become confident at using grammar. Look inside.


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Written by Charlotte Makhlouf, the best-selling author of the Brilliant Activities for Reading Comprehension series, Getting to Grips with English Grammar, Year 4 introduces pupils to grammar and punctuation through fun, engaging themes, such as Moon Mission and Giant Rumbleweed.

The underlying premise of the Getting to Grips with English Grammar scheme is that pupils need to see how authors use grammar and have opportunities to use it in their own writing for them to truly understand it. Throughout the series, entertaining reading passages introduce pupils to key grammar points and provide talking points for how the grammar is used. Engaging activities, all linked to the themes of the reading passages, provide reinforcement and enable children to practise using the grammar in their own writing.

Mini quizzes at the end of each theme assess how much they have remembered. Answers at the back of the book make checking children’s work easy.

Help your pupils get a firm grip on grammar and punctuation with this photocopiable six-book series published by Brilliant Publications.

Look inside.

See the complete series.

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