This assembly story about caring for others, helplessness and relief and hope is taken from More Brilliant Assembly Stories, written by Elizabeth Sach and published by Brilliant Publications.

Myra is a young carer to her very ill mother. She completes housework, looks after her mother’s various needs and deals with the trials and tribulations of everyday life all by herself… and she is not yet 10! She is exhausted, stressed and struggling but refuses to let her mother see this.

When her 10th Birthday arrives along with a glittery card from her absent father she breaks down and runs away. She is found by WPC Meadows, who explains that her mother is worrying about her. She is amazed that Myra has been taking care not only of her own life but that of her mother at such a young age. Soon, Myra and her mother are receiving help from professional carers and Myra is able to join a Youth Club with other “Children who Care” and share unity, understanding, and ultimately: fun in friendship.


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This story touches on a sensitive and very important topic. Young children should not have to struggle like Myra, and this assembly story shows children that help can always be provided to them if they need it.

Preconceptions of policemen as scary are challenged by the kind character of WPC Meadows and this makes the Emergency Services appear much more approachable for primary school children.

Emphasis is placed on the relief and hope that can be found in togetherness, meaning that young carers feel less alone, and that all children can be more supportive towards young carers.

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