Red the Black Labrador

Often it isn’t obvious why others are out of sorts, and it can be especially difficult for young children of primary school age to identify this, and understand it.

In this assembly story, as soon as young Hector gets home from school, he notices that Red (his beloved Labrador) is feeling down. Alarmed, urgently sets about trialling every trick he can think of to enliven Red- from eagerly suggesting ‘Walkies’ and food to petting Red and questioning his doggy wellbeing; but this is all to no avail. Inspiration strikes and Hector goes to ask his big brother Rory if he can think of anything. Rory makes an exceedingly hostile host, but Hector is on a mission and refuses to budge until a diagnosis is formed. Rory admits to accidentally hurting Red, and Hector seizes the opportunity to persuade Rory to make amends with poor Red. This does the job and Red is back to his bonny self in no time!

This primary school assembly story about perseverance is taken from More Brilliant Assembly Stories written by Elizabth Sach and published by Brilliant Publications.


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This sweet story exemplifies the importance of perseverance. For young children particularly, when immediate gratification seems impossible, giving up appears preferable. Hector’s determination is therefore a source of inspiration for listeners, as his refusal to simply accept Red’s upset results in this being reversed; thus a happy ending emphasised by the positive reinforcement praise Hector receives from his mother.

Children will also appreciate Hector’s commitment to care and kindness and they will try to identify with this. His love of Red is an extremely accessible topic. A lot of young children will have pets that they adore so they will be able to relate to the comfort Red brings, and the fear that resides when he is out of sorts.

The tale teaches children that persevering with affection and goodwill, when we know someone isn’t quite right, (people and animals alike) to try and help them feel better, and to show that we care is ultimately the best thing we can do.

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