Spanish Games Pack

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The Spanish Games Pack contains fun games and activities to practise and reinforce learning, that children will love.

The Spanish Games Pack contains:

  • Lotto en Español – Photocopiable lotto boards provide a stimulating and meaningful way to help develop listening and speaking skills
  • Juguemos Todos Juntos – Easy-to-play games to teach and reinforce vocabulary, with lots of extensions and variations
  • Buena Idea – Contains flashcards, picture matching cards, activity pages, word searches, anagrams and other puzzles for 20 popular topics, to help children remember and recognize words instantly.

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Lotto en Español is a proven way of reinforcing the use of the Spanish language. These attractive, easy-to-use photocopiable lotto boards provide a stimulating and meaningful way to develop reading, listening and speaking skills when teaching.

Topics include:

  • Les números del 1 al 12 (Numbers 1-12)
  • Les números del 1 al 60 (Numbers 1-60)
  • Los animals (Animals)
  • !Que aproveche! (Food)
  • En la clase (Classroom objects)
  • La ropa (Clothes)
  • La Navidad (Christmas)

Three versions of each board are provided – words only, words and pictures, and pictures only – allowing maximum flexibility, particularly in mixed ability classes.

The unique call sheets enable you to follow the game closely and to select which team you want to win.

Juguemos Todos Juntos contains 20 easy-to-play photocopiable games that are a fun way to practise speaking and listening in Spanish. Playing games is an ideal way to learn a foreign language as children become more confident speakers in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. They will practise speaking and listening without realizing it!

The games are flexible and can easily be adapted to teach other Spanish vocabulary. Extension activities provide suggestions for varying the games, so you can keep using and reusing the games.

Teacher’s notes give:

  • Learning objectives
  • Key words
  • Why the game works
  • How to play the game
  • Extensions to stretch the pupils as they gain confidence

Buena Idea is an invaluable time-saving resource for primary school teachers that will help you to cover many of the objectives of the Framework for Modern Foreign Languages.

Designed with the non-specialist in mind, Buena Idea provides key vocabulary, word and picture matching cards, activity sheets and puzzle pages for 20 popular topics. Use the suggestions given or develop your own games with these flexible sheets. Spanish has never been this easy – just choose your game, copy the sheets and play!

Sentence building sheets for each topic provide top tips for extending the vocabulary. Use them and soon your pupils will be happily conversing in Spanish with confidence.

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