The Team Rolls Out Time

In this primary school assembly story a group of children find themselves on planet Zylop. They are in the midst of trying to get home before they miss the deadline and end up freeze-dried; but this is complicated as their friend Angharad has gone missing!

The group then face the impossible choice of leaving Angharad in Zylop and the rest of them returning home safe and sound, or trying to find Angharad and risking all their lives in the process. Clever Cerith rationalizes that if they unite force and use their strength in numbers they can split into sub-teams: one to stay and prepare their spaceship for departure, and the other acting as a search party on lookout for Angharad.

Angharad has in fact built a rapport with a Zylopian who helps her find the solution that will save her and her friends: time control. Angharad is able to transfer time control Knowledge to the team so when it seems that there are but seconds left to go before they are all freeze-dried, they extend the time window, rescue Angharad and make it to the ship ready to head home happy and safe, as a team.

This story plays upon the pertinence of teamwork – both amongst the group of humans, and between Angharad and the Zylopian. In the latter, Angharad is keen to be friendly with someone different to herself and embraces all that they offer her. In return, the Zylopian is willing to be helpful and unselfish with their Knowledge showcasing a kind, accepting, and ethical nature that all children listening can aspire to.

This primary school assembly story about teamwork is taken from More Brilliant Assembly Stories written by Elizabth Sach and published by Brilliant Publications.


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The children in the group work together effectively taking it in turns to claim responsibility, delegate tasks and combine strengths and therefore effectively reach a solution.

This is important for children listening to learn early on as teamwork will be something they encounter for the rest of their lives. The sense of inclusion from an Earthling and Zylopian working together also aids understanding that people needn’t be the same to be united.

For children who fit into any category of diversity/minority group, or perhaps those who are just less confident and outgoing, this tale will encourage them to feel more comfortable approaching others and immersing themselves in a team. The positive resolution in this story ensures that listeners can consider teamwork exciting, appealing, and hopeful.

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